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04.01.09 21 Comments

My favorite thing about foreign films’ depictions of the U.S. is the way they randomly lump a bunch of American things together for the sake of brevity (RoboCop and fried chicken, for example). In the Bollywood film KAMBAKHT ISHQ, the Indian lead plays Sly Stallone’s stunt double, trying to win the love of a supermodel (of course).  The trailer opens with the real Sylvester Stallone, apparently playing himself, thanking the stuntguy during a Kodak Theatre awards speech.  Only Stallone says, “Good evening. My name is John Rambo,” and then proceeds to show a clip from Waterworld. Think about that. That’s like Fred Thompson coming out and announcing, “Hello, America.  My name is John McCain, and I love hamburgers.”  *crowd goes wild*

Not only is it a strange and awesome combo, I’m suprised Asian people can hear the words “My name is John Rambo” and not immediately flee before he strangles everyone.

[via Twitch, thanks to RoboPanda for the tip]

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