Star Wars Burlesque show video

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04.09.10 30 Comments

For the uninitiated, a burlesque dancer is like a stripper who can read, and their shows are all artsy and hard to jack off to.  One of the most popular such shows is the Star Wars burlesque show from Devil’s Playground.  After the jump, I’ve got some video and pictures from just such a show. Burlesque schmurlesque, I think it goes without saying that the girl in the Storm Trooper helmet and the girl in the wookie mask should’ve been made to go ass-to-ass.  “Hmmm, go ass-to-ass, you will, if it’s making it rain you desire.”

[It shows nipples covered with pasties, so I guess it’s more or less SFW]

[Check out the entire picture gallery at G4]

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