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03.24.10 11 Comments

This new featurette from Disney shows some of the finished effects from Alice in Wonderland alongside the same shots being filmed with a green screen (what I’d like to see: the production meeting where they decided on Johnny Depp’s retarded dance at the end).  It’s pretty cool to see stuff stripped of its FX magic, but also brings back some emotional memories from childhood, when I found out fairies weren’t real and my step dad made me bury my wand and leotard in the back yard.  F*cker.

After the jump, check out some more behind the scenes video of Wes Anderson scrutinizing the set of Fantastic Mr. Fox — something the DP had earlier criticized him for not doing — from the DVD extras.  And in case you were wondering whether he gently strokes his chin while supporting his elbow with the other hand like a finishing school headmistress, hell to the mothereffin yeah he does.  And yet, that movie was awesome.  So congratulations, Wes, you cartoonishly foppish dandy boy you.  This guy grew up in Texas?  He must know karate or something.

[Alice via RopeofSilicon, Fox via Vulture]

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