Stephen Baldwin suing Kevin Costner over his oil spill machine

Today in legal news, the guy from Biodome is suing the guy from Waterworld, claiming the latter cheated the former out of his rightful share in profits from the sale of oil-separating machines. We should’ve seen this coming, they’ve always had differing visions for the environment.

Jury selection began in a New Orleans court for a federal lawsuit lodged against Costner by Baldwin and business partner, Spyridon C. Contogouris.
The suit alleges that Costner, best known for his performance in “Field of Dreams” and “The Bodyguard,” cheated Baldwin and Contogouris out of their share of a multi-million dollar deal under which BP bought 32 oil and water separation devices that were developed by a Costner-owned company.
According to the suit, Baldwin and Contogouris claim they were not told about the deal with BP before they agreed to sell their shares in a company that had been set up to market Costner’s extraction devices. As a result, they charge they were duped out of a portion of an $18 million deposit from BP for the devices.
Both actors were expected to appear in court every day of the trial. [Reuters]

Every day of the trial?!? Why isn’t this a reality show? I swear to God, if there isn’t at least one gossipy account of the trial that includes Baldwin calling Costner “Prince of Thieves,” I will eat these sweatpants.

Anyway, I know the facts aren’t all in yet, but I’m going to go out on a limb and trust Costner over the guy who once tried to convince Christians to pay him for not working. But I could be biased. The less money Stephen Baldwin has, the more likely it is he has to make Sharks in Venice 2.

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