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Breaking Dawn, the book in which the Twilight series comes to a crescendo with snorkeling vampires, paralysis-causing super fetuses, fang c-sections,  telepathic adult-babies, and werewolf-on-baby love affairs (I didn’t make any of that up, btw), will be split into two movies, according to Deadline Hollywood.

I have this from several sources, and it’s definitive. Filming on the back-to-back movies would begin in mid-October, and Summit Entertainment is looking at “high end” directors. Summit Entertainment no doubt will save money by making these Twilight Saga movies #4 and #5 back to back. Screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg (who’s written all the Twilight Saga films) is currently adapting Breaking Dawn. Eclipse, the 3rd movie, will be released on June 30th.

Other rumors are that they’re considering 3D and that the vampire baby might have to be all CG.  Both are still just rumors, but either way, awesome.  Meanwhile, I finally saw most of Twilight on cable the other night.  Good God what a joyless, humorless bitch Bella is.  Guess what, Edward isn’t refusing to turn you into a vampire because he loves you so much, Edward wants to bang other chicks after you die.  Now stop biting your damned lip.  Also, I thought this was a good time to check back in with My Life is Twilight.

Today, in history we are starting a research paper, we have to pick a topic from history that interest us. I immediately knew what I was going to write about: the Southern vampire Wars from Eclipse. I was so excited and knew my paper would be best, then i remembered they are not a real event. MLIT.

Today, I was looking for a headband of mine, I couldn’t find it. I then went to put my sheets on my bed, and I couldn’t find the pillowcases, and I couldn’t find my favorite shirt. I was terrified because I thought Newborn vampires had my scent and I was going to get attacked by them! MLIT!

That’s the least of your worries.

While I was on the ski lift in NH, I looked down at the powder snow and thought to myself, “the snow sparkles like Edwards skin” I got really excited, and preceded to daydream about Edward all the way to the top of the mountain… MLIT! :)

Today, I was hanging out in the Chalet after snowboarding. I was randomly staring around the room when my eyes fell on the condiments counter. Over top of the napkins, there was a machine dispensing utensils labelled “Forks.” I stared at it in wonder with a big smile on my face. MLIT

The other day my youth group and I were asking each other funny questions about God. One of my guy friends asked “What kind of car does God drive?” I immediately yelled “A silver, Volvo.” Oh yes… MLIT

Today I covered my boyfriend with glitter and made him stand in the big walk in fridge at work so he would be like Edward :) MLIT

There should be a competing site for Twilight boyfriends, entitled “My Life is Hell”, or “My Beard Loves Twilight.”

Today I was at Starbucks with a friend when I noticed one of the snacks available said ‘sparkle donut’. I bought it because it made me feel like I was eating a Cullen dessert. MLIT.

Yes, get used to replacing men with food.

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