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(In this year’s Caricature of a White Person contest, Carell was simply outclassed.)

If there’s one thing former SI columnist (or possibly current, who can even tell nowadays) Rick Reilly knows, it’s horrible puns that ruin your day and make you sad about life.  His latest day ruiner is the title of his novel, Missing Links, a “golf” “comedy” that’s soon to be a movie starring Steve Carell.

Reilly’s 1997 comedic novel tells of the group of bumblers who, after playing for years at a run-down municipal golf course in a working-class Boston neighborhood, concoct a series of schemes that they hope will lead to them teeing off at a nearby elite club.

Carell will produce via his Carousel Prods banner, “The Break-Up” scribe Jay Lavender is writing the screenplay, with Carell loosely attached to star. [THR]

Reilly last dabbled in movies when he wrote the screenplay for Leatherheads, which wasn’t so much “funny” or “good” as it was “diarrhea-inducingly cutesy.”  And I say that with a staunch record of being willing to drink (Leatherheads director) George Clooney’s bathwater.  Now Reilly wants us to sit through a movie about guys whose ultimate goal is to play at a nicer golf course.  Reached for comment, Jon Heder and Conan O’Brien said, “F-ck, that’s the whitest idea I’ve ever heard.”  The worst part is, with a title like Missing Links, an unfrozen caveman golfer script practically writes itself.  Shame on you, Rick Reilly.

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