Steve-O lights his hair on fire, says James Cameron can S his D

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09.30.10 14 Comments

Last night here in San Francisco, I was able to drink Four Lokos in the park with Brendan from the Frotcast and attend a seven-minute preview of Jackass 3D hosted by Johnny Knoxville and director Jeff Tremaine (you can listen to my interview on the latest Frotcast, which will be up tomorrow morning).  The footage was mainly a longer version of the scene in the trailer where Steve-O gets shot into the sky inside a poo-filled Port-a-Potty, plus some super slo-mo shots of the cast hitting each other with fish.  You either like Jackass stuff or you don’t, and I love it, so I thought it was great.  I’m not sure how much the 3D (which was filmed in 3D, not post converted) actually adds to it, but I’ve seen that stunt with Bam getting hit with the giant hand probably 15 times now, and it still slays me every time.

Meanwhile, at Fantastic Fest in Austin, a now-sober Steve-O introduced the same footage by lighting his hair on fire and telling James Cameron to S his D.  I think Brendan and I got hosed, to tell you the truth.

Steve-O opened with a comment: “James Cameron can suck our d*cks. We’ve got enough c*cks coming out of the screen, everyone can suck a d*ck. My challenge to you when you see the movie is try not to suck a d*ck.”[ScreenJunkies]

In response, James Cameron had his mini elephant blow fire from its trunk to light his fifty thousand dollar cigar, from which he took two puffs before putting it out on the forehead of a Ukranian midget prostitute.

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