Steven Avery’s Ex Calls ‘Making A Murderer’ A Bunch Of Lies

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01.13.16 30 Comments

Jodi Stachowski seemed like a faithful ex who just got pushed too far by the authorities and others involved in Steven Avery’s murder trial during the Netflix series Making A Murderer. But on Wednesday’s Nancy Grace, Stachowski was a completely different person. As we noted earlier, Stachowski called Avery “a monster” who she believes is guilty of his crimes and belongs in prison.

During the interview, Steven Avery’s ex poked holes in almost every theory put forth by the creators of Making A Murderer. This includes a key moment in the documentary where she claims she talked to Avery on the phone at the time of the murder. According to Stachowski, this was a lie:

Previously, Stachowski claimed to investigators and the Making a Murderer filmmakers that she had two “normal” 15-minute conversations with Avery while she was in jail for a DUI.

“I’m looking at the phone bill from October 31,” Stachowski told filmmakers on-camera. “I called Steven at 5:36 p.m. — supposedly when all this murder or whatever was supposedly happening. And we talked for 15 minutes, and the conversation was normal. He didn’t sound rushed or like he was doing anything. And if he was in the middle of doing something, we wouldn’t have talked for 15 minutes.”

Now, Stachowski says she lied about the phone calls, and her belief that Avery was guilty, out of fear for her own safety. “He did sound funny. He didn’t sound rushed or whatever, but he did sound funny – like he was lying or hiding something.”

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