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05.19.08 34 Comments

Steven Seagal, noted cockpuncher, has a role in Last Night, a horror movie by first-time director Richard Crudo.  You may remember Crudo for his cinematography in such masterpieces as Down to Earth, Bring It On Again, and Homie Spumoni.  I had to look up that third one just to make sure it exists.  Yep.  Homie Spumoni.  It stole the prize for Best Cinematography away from Reprise in Norway.

The original source is Romanian, but moviehole did some translating:

"The futuristic fright-flick tells of a group of people in a hospital who are transformed into bloodsucking vampires [Ed. – the worst kind of vampires]. Seagal plays the commander of a troop of soldiers sent in to obliterate the neck-biters."

I hopes he punches the vampires in the junk.  He really excels at that.  – RoboPanda

[source: Kappa]

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