Steven Seagal is doing a movie with Anderson Silva

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In the past few weeks, we’ve learned many things about Steven Seagal, not the least of which being that Above the Law was autobiographical, Steven Seagal knows the truth about both Brandon Lee’s death and Iran Contra but doesn’t want to talk about it, and Steven Seagal would’ve won a Nobel Prize for On Deadly Ground if he hadn’t been so ahead of his time. What’s next for a man such as this? A kimono’d bluesman with debatable Russian roots and a penchant for poonani? A movie with UFC middleweight champion and light heavyweight dabbler Anderson Silva, apparently. My sources tell me it may even include martial arts!

Anderson recently told Estadao (via Fighters Only) that he has received a script for a cop movie with Seagal, and he’ll be filming in the US starting soon:

“I will make a lot of fight scenes and this is also the first time I will act. I received a long plot and I will have the opportunity of putting in practice what I have been studying for some time”.

Apparently Silva, who already has a bunch of commercials on his resume, has been working on his acting with his director friend Johnny Araujo:

“Actually, he found out this side of me. I can say that he was my mentor in the acting art. He has been helping me so much with it and I will prepare myself each time more in order to make it well done”, he promises.

“I don’t want to be seen as somebody who caught the role because I am on the media and to be a fighter. Of course it is difficult, I am not Lorenzo Lamas, but I want to do it well done to the people see that I am a good actor.” [BloodyElbow]

The quote was translated from its original Portuguese, which may be partly why it sounds so awkward. Otherwise, this would be the first time in history anyone has ever said “I’m a decent actor, I mean, I’m no Lorenzo Lamas, but I’m okay.” But you have to remember, “Lorenzo Lamas” is simply Portuguese for “Philip Seymour Hoffman.”

In any case, I look forward to an interracial buddy cop movie with a background of Rush Hour-esque cultural clash, where Anderson Silva plays the brash young detective who’s always grooving to hip hop and dancing like Michael Jackson, while Steven Seagal plays his gruff old salt of a partner who’s always falling asleep on the shitter eating a hoagie.

[thanks to Fightlinker for finding the perfect picture to accompany this story]

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