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Steven Spielberg quit his job as an artistic adviser for the Beijing Olympics yesterday, reportedly over concerns about the Darfur genocide and China’s close relationship with Sudan.

The film director made the decision Tuesday, hours after actress Mia Farrow and several humanitarian groups assailed him for working with the games’ Chinese organizers.  China buys two-thirds of Sudan’s oil exports. In turn, China sells weapons to the Sudanese government and has defended Khartoum in the U.N. Security Council. [AP]

Wait, Mia Farrow still works?  Calling her “Actress Mia Farrow” is kind of like calling me “6th Grade Spelling Bee Champion Lance Martini”, isn’t it?

If you read a lot like I do, you know that when Spielberg took the job, China was known as “the world’s conscience” because of their historic commitment to human rights.  And I thought they were really on the right track a couple years ago when they reduced the penalty for public urination from death by firing squad to chemical castration, but this whole support-for-genocide business just seems a step in the wrong direction.  I’m glad Spielberg’s taking a stand.

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