Stop Everything And Watch This ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Remake Of ‘Terminator 2’

As if today’s newest and best video games weren’t already miracles of modern technology, they’re also letting players accomplish some pretty creative things in their down time. Case in point: YouTube user John Chapman and some friends decided to use Grand Theft Auto V to recreate the dirtbike and motorcycle chase scene from Terminator 2: Judgment Day, which sounds like it would take an incredible amount of time, if it wasn’t outright impossible. Sure enough, they pulled it off and the result is pretty amazing. Hell, even the most cynical bastards on the Internet would have to admit that this is at least impressive.

In fact, here is the actual scene in T2 so you can compare it with the above video, before choosing to offer these men the coveted +1 honors that I believe they deserve. (I’m actually giving them +2 for the bonus blooper reel.)

(H/T to Geek Tyrant)