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12.02.08 22 Comments

Here are some links to stories I didn’t feel like covering today.  I also didn’t feel like wearing pants. Suck it, society.

SlashFilm has some more information about that Keanu Reeves chef movie.  Meanwhile, I continue to not care about this project beyond this picture.  [SlashFilm]

Robert Downey Jr. accidentally knocked unconscious while filming Sherlock Holmes.  He’d have probably kicked the guy’s ass if he’d been in blackface. [E!]

Shia LaBeouf to star in The Associate, a John Grisham adaptation.   What can I say, the kid really has a knack for choosing the most boring projects imaginable. [Variety]

Peter Farrelly putting together a collection comedic shorts from directors such as Todd Phillips, Mike Judge, and uh, Brett Ratner.  I’ve found the best way to get good comedy out of Ratner is to tell him he’s making a drama.  [THR]

A gallery of redneck cars.  It’s so hard to choose a favorite.  The ‘Stang with smokestacks kicks ass, but it’s no Beamer with wooden ground effects.  [HolyTaco]

Scott Frank is making a movie about chimps that may or may not be a remake of Conquest of Planet of the Apes. Meanwhile, Conquest of Planet of the Apes is still a great name for the next Larry the Cable Guy album.  [CHUD]

Ray Winstone cast as Caesar in Soderbergh’s Cleopatra musical.  He says it’s like “Viva Las Vegas meets Tommy.” Funny, it still sounds to me more like an outtake from Spinal Tap.  [MTV]

Video: Boss introduces the new African-Canadian. [Atom]

Sleep easy, Phil Spector is still as batshit crazy as ever.  He should produce the next Steven Seagal album.  It’s gold, I tell you! [Bestweekever]

Rob Zombie may direct a sequel to his Halloween movie.  It’s amazing, I didn’t even know I could not give a shit this hard.  In fact, I think I may have pulled something. [Shocktillyoudrop]

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