Sucker Punch Looks a Little… Dry

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11.04.10 33 Comments

Zack Snyder is through staging fights between stuntmen dressed in cardboard wings, and all that’s left for him now is to finish Sucker Punch, which just released this new trailer.  It stars Emily Browning as a girl who gets sent to some awesome, hot-chicks-only insane asylum, where the only way she can escape is through her power to imagine sexy scenarios.  If you saw Inception and you wondered why everyone’s dreams seemed so much like reality, and you were like, “Hey, where are the dragons and zombies and robot samurai?”  BOOM!  HERE’S THE DRAGONS AND ZOMBIES AND SAMURAI GATLING GUNS!  And of course, the hot chicks will fight them wearing fetishy tights and schoolgirl gear.  I love Zack Snyder, but I worry that this one’s going to be too dry.  C’mon, dude, this isn’t NPR, don’t be afraid to put some cool sh*t in there.

Damn, the pantie inspectors really mean business around here.

[HD Trailer over at Apple, who still refuse to use embeddable trailers for some reason]

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