Check Out UPROXX’s Very Own Brandon Stroud In His Feature Film Debut

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11.05.12 7 Comments

I always kind of thought that if any of my UPROXX family was going to make it big and become a big shot Hollywood A-lister, it was going to be Chodin, because he is quite possibly the most handsome man on the face of the planet. But then he fell off of the planet and I haven’t heard from him since I asked him for a lock of his hair, so I’m glad that it’s actually my With Leather cohort Brandon Stroud who is going to be walking the red carpet at this year’s Academy Awards and/or ESPYs for Summer League.

Ol’ B-Funk as he’s known around the playgrounds already posted about this earlier today at UPROXX’s 5th most popular search term for “Kate Upton juggery”, but I felt like it was worth sharing again, because aside from Danger Guerrero’s recent cameo on Dateline, this might be the most successful thing any of us does. As for the film, tell us what it’s all about, Greenless Studios.

A story about life, death, and the healing power of beer league softball. :)

What really sold me was the smiley face emoticon, but I also like that it’s about beer. I like when movies speak to me.

Also, when searching for this on IMDB, I was disappointed that it didn’t have a page, but it did bring me to this actress who played a character named Summer Leeds and my life is a little better for it.

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