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Mark Driscoll is a super-cool pastor from Seattle who has tattoos, wears skinny jeans, and swears during his sermons, delivered in a church that

“It presents a false mediator with a witch… We have a false Jesus.  And the visuals are amazing, because Satan wants you to emotionally connect with the lie.  Oh, the problem is not that I need a savior, the problem is that I need to live in tune with creation.  This is all Eastern garbage-ism.  …We’re a very creative church.  I’ve got three Tivos.  We just don’t like Satan.”

Ouch, yet another poor review for Danny Masterson.   Kidding aside, I’d make fun of the guy for criticizing Avatar‘s false idols while wearing a Mickey Mouse t-shirt, but this is mostly James Cameron’s fault for making it so easy for them.  I mean really, dude, did you really need the dreadlock dirt orgy rave party?  Of course the crazy Christians were going to hate it.  Meanwhile, for counterpoint, I decided to check in with the Avatard forums.  They point out that critics like Mark have overlooked an important point, the idea that the Na’Vi mate for life, unlike the rest of us sick, duplicitous, Tiger Woods-like primates:

Russell says:Im sure the Na’vi are very faithful indeed, theyr the most pure creatures I can think of.


I cant help but imagine the scenarios where an ugly Na’vi, if that exhists, asks a very pretty Na’vi girlwho really doesnt like him to be his mate Then what?

Or they accidentally mate after having a little too much to drink after some festivities. Is it then like the catholics choice of getting married?

Thinking of this it makes me even more happy to see that Jake said that Neytiri also should choose him and did so with her heart in the right place. Atypical perhaps?

Nawmtirea says:
This thread reminded me of something I thought of after my second vieweing of Avatar. Jake is(was) a human, about 22 years old, and most likely not a virgin. Now that the humans are gone and Jake & Neytiri are mated for life, would it only be a matter of time before Neytiri asks Jake about his past life on earth? What would Jake say, if anything, about past relationships on earth, and would it destroy Neytiri if Jake was honest and told her about any past human relationships? Or were they with his “old” body, not his Avatar body, so they don’t count? I don’t mean this as a joke. This would be a very touchy/complicated subject if the Na’vi mate once and only once. [via]

Anyway, speaking of human relationships, I’m gonna go get my tinfoil hat ready and polish up the old rifle.  If you need me, I’ll be nervously clutching it in my bomb shelter.  My Japanese f*ck pillow isn’t going to defend itself.

-Thanks to Corey for the tip

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