Super-Villain Rex Velvet Releases a new video

Less than a week after first introducing himself to the world, Rex Velvet, Seattle’s real-life supervillain and self-appointed foil to real-life superhero Phoenix Jones, has released a follow-up video. It’s pretty much the same as the last one, but have to say this for him, he’s really putting a lot of work into these.

My my my, what a world we live in. I call out an arrogant, neurotic, full-grown man on his failed efforts as a self-proclaimed superzero, and madness ensues! It’s time you dorks realized that the world is not impressed with your playground movements, nor your ability to aim and fire a silly can of mace!

I patiently await a response from you, but it seems you’d rather cower away in your dreamland with your tail between your legs!

I was sitting here trying to formulate a response, but thanks to Shop 101 last week, the only thing I can think is “Theater majors gonna theater.” Seems appropriate.