SUPERCUT: A Tribute to “Check, Please”

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09.26.12 15 Comments

The best supercuts are the ones that focus on the classics, and “check please” is certainly that. Like “you just don’t get it, do you!” before it, it’s a great all-purpose phrase, a nice little glib shorthand for “my, this sure is a zany situation we found ourselves in, isn’t it.” It’s sort of the human equivalent of “ruh roh.” And you’ll be amazed by how often it pops up. I’d love to see a supercut combining “check, please” with a spit take. That’s how you know you’re really in a fine mess. (*”Check, please!*) (*spit take*) (*cut to dog covering his eyes with paws*) “Ya think?!”

Also, this guy is my favorite:

[via HuffingtonPost]

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