SUPERCUT: Denzel Washington guarantees you. Lots of different things.

Senior Editor
07.30.13 10 Comments


One reason we love Denzel Washington, besides his penchant for landing planes upside down and drunk, is his ability to make bold proclamations and inevitably see them through in a cathartic finale. He did it so often that when he finally played a blowhard who made grand statements and didn’t come through in the end, in Training Day, it was such unique departure that he won an Oscar for it (deservedly so, I love that movie). This latest supercut, from MashGordon via ClipNation, goes one further, showing that Denzel doesn’t just make promises, he issues guarantees. And almost always in those exact words, “I guarantee you…”

I wonder how much longer this supercut would’ve been if it included Denzel’s guarantees that didn’t actually include the word “guarantee.” Probably hours. In any case, it’s good to know that if Denzel’s career ever goes South, he could probably take over George Zimmer’s old job.


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