SUPERCUT: Famous People Playing Themselves

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12.28.12 32 Comments

Remember when a famous dude showing up as himself in a movie was a novelty? Now you’re legally required to add in the random-famous-guy cameo scene to every Judd Apatow-produced script before it can be considered completed in the eyes of the law. AnimalNewYork recently put together a supercut of famous-person cameos in movies just to show you how pervasive a trend this really is. The supercut has 23 cameos, and they didn’t even include Lou Ferrigno in I Love You Man (anything else they missed?). It’s gone so far that in Seth Rogen’s new movie, everyone‘s playing themselves. Pretty soon, movies will just be celebrities playing us pretending to be them and everything will be a sequel to The Human Centipede.

Full list of cameos included after the jump:

1. John Malkovich- Being John Malkovich
2. David Hasselhoff- Sponge Bob Square Pants
3. Neil Patrick Harris- Harold and Kumar Go To While Castle
4. Dr. Phil and Shaquille O’Neal- Scary Movie 4
5. Kurt Vonnegut- Back To School
6. Brett Favre- There’s Something About Mary
7. Neil Diamond- Saving Silverman
8. Bill Murray- Zombieland
9. Mike Tyson- The Hangover
10. Kareem Abdul Jabbar- Airplane
11. Elisabeth Shue- Hamlet 2
12. Ray Romano and Eminem- Funny People
13. Lars Ulrich- Get Him To The Greek
14. Ryan Seacrest- Knocked Up
15. Bruce Willis- What Just Happened
16. Bob Barker- Happy Gilmore
17. Stan Lee- Mallrats
18. David Bowie- Zoolander
19. Elton John- Spice World
20. Chuck Norris- Dodgeball
21. Steven Spielberg- Austin Powers In Goldmember
22. Marshall Mcluhan- Annie Hall
23. Bruce Springsteen- High Fidelity


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