SUPERCUT: People in horror movies saying "I'll go check it out." (+ morning links)

10.28.13 4 years ago 5 Comments

Here’s a supercut of people in horror movies saying “I’ll check it out” and splitting up from their group. That first one is from Jason Takes Manhattan. Holy hell is that a terrible movie. |Slacktory|


|FilmDrunk| Review: The Counselor

|Uproxx| RIP, Lou Reed. Now the only famous Reed we have left is Rex, and that guy sucks.

|WarmingGlow| RIP, Mrs. Krabappel.

|KissingSuzy| RIP, Dallas Cowboys team unity.

|UproxxVideo| RIP, this fisherman’s fish that got stolen by a seal.

|SmokingSection| Chris Brown was arrested for punching some dude. Stupid media, always trying tear a good man down.

|TheSuperficial| Kylie Jenner flipped out after being denied bottle service. Can we just predator drone this entire family?

|Videogum| This Today Show proposal is the worst one yet. The worst!

|TheChive| Boy, that escalated quickly. 46 photos.

|deathandtaxes| Someone invented a bra that will tweet when you unclasp it.

|IDLYITW| Katharine McPhee broke up a marriage or something.

|BroBible| McDonald’s is ending its relationship with Heinz ketchup. Sad, I thought their love would last forever.

|Guyism| 14 types of bars and the types of people you find in them.

|Pajiba| The 10 best horror movies of the aughts. I guess I should go see Dog Soldiers.

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