Supercut: Kickboxer, Just the Kicking

Sometimes, you hear an idea for a Supercut and you just know it’s going to be good. For instance, “Kickboxer: Just the Kicking.” There’s no way that could not be good. After the jump I’ve got just such a super cut, and I’m willing to bet that it’s even better than you imagine. It’s mesmerizing. You’ll start watching and think to yourself, “Oh my goodness, this movie has an incredible abundance of kicking.” And that’s when it will hit you: OH MY GOD, I HAVEN’T EVEN MADE IT THROUGH A THIRD OF THE KICKING! That’s how much kicking this video has. If kicking was bricks, this video would be the pyramids.

They cheated a bit by also including knees, but I suppose I’ll allow it. My other favorite thing is the ridiculous bubble sound effects during the underwater scene. GODDAMMIT I NEED MORE BUBBLE SOUND EFFECTS! THIS IS NEVER GOING TO READ ‘UNDERWATER’ IF WE DON’T GET MORE BUBBLES!

Sidenote: Who knew John Stossel was such a badass back in the day?