Supercut: People getting punched in the face (& morning links)

10.13.11 8 years ago

Here’s a supercut of people (and aliens, and horses…) getting punched in the face in movies. WELCOME DA EARFF! |Screened|

13 Zombie Killerific ‘Walking Dead’ Zombie Kill GIFs |UPROXX|

TV’s Greatest Marriage Proposals |Warming Glow|

You Couldn’t Pay Us Enough: Swiss Adventurers Perfect Extreme Hot-Tubbing |With Leather|

New Rum Diary Clips and pictures: Amber Heard parties naked |Film Drunk|

Meet your latest internet plagiarist, Terrell Mims. |HolyTaco|

Do ya like dogs? Donate some money to an animal shelter, get a photo of a dog wearing a chicken suit. |PawsMuttStrut|

The Simpsons Embrace Horsemaning |Buzzfeed|

Kate Beckinsale Is Holding Up Alright |FARK|

Marillon Cotillard swims naked (landing page SFW) |TheSuperficial|

Courtney Stodden gets kicked off Facebook. |Videogum|

Lunchtime Quiz: Who was president when… |MentalFloss|

Patty Cake uses stripper pole to block her naughty parts. |GorillaMask|

Kids-only Kid Tae Kwon Do Fighting Still Funny |The Daily What|

81-Year-Old “Doctor” Offers Free Door-To-Door Breast Exams |Brobible|

The 9 TV Actors Who Were Never Supposed To Leave Their Castmates In The Dust |Pajiba|

Brad Pitt Gets Hit By a Million Cars |NextRound|

Seven celebrities who’ve done hard time. |ScreenJunkies|

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