Happy 70th Birthday, DeNiro: A Supercut of Robert Deniro Losing His Sh*t

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08.19.13 13 Comments


Robert DeNiro turned 70 on Saturday, just in time to celebrate his 70th horrible movie in a row (okay, it’s probably not that many, but I’ve lost count). In honor of his birthday, Flavorwire is helping us celebrate the good times, when he could regularly make us pee our pants or squeal with glee, just by squinting or sucking on a cigarette in a certain way. Casino has been all over cable lately, meaning I frequently lose anywhere from one to two and a half hours of productivity whenever I flip past it. Anyway, here it is, six minutes of Robert DeNiro losing his shit.

Check out the full list of films used here. Hardly a day goes by that his “LIAR! WHORE! LIAR WHORE AND YOU KNOW IT!” line read doesn’t go through my head at some point.

As for what DeNiro’s up to lately, I took this in a theater lobby the other day:


Is that about a hitman, who’s also a family man? My gosh, I’m surprised a movie hasn’t explored this angle before. The only good thing about this is the inevitable grumpy Tommy Lee Jones interviews that will result.

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