SUPERCUT: The 100 Greatest Movie Compliments

(there’s some brief boobage at the 5-minute mark, so watch at your own risk)

You may remember about a month ago, when our friend Oliver Noble needed help compiling cinema’s 100 greatest compliments. I think the first two I suggested were “I just wanna suck your cock” from Freddy Got Fingered, and “Hey, Colleen. You’ve got a great ass,” from Hard Ticket to Hawaii, which tells you where my mind is at.

Only one those made the cut. Did yours? In any case, the finished product was fairly mesmerizing, and it reminded me of a few things. Mainly, that Nic Cage in City of Angels was one of the creepiest roles ever, and that I really need to go back and watch Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid.

“I hadn’t seen a body like that since I solved the case of the murdered girl with the big tits.”

Though I always enjoy “Was your father a meat burglar?” no matter how bad the actual movie was. Honestly, it doesn’t even matter what the rest of the pick-up line is, “was your father a meat burglar” needs no context. Tim Meadows should really get more work.

[Thanks to Ben Craw & Oliver Noble at HuffingtonPost]