SUPERCUT: Characters jumping through glass

Senior Editor
11.12.12 6 Comments

That action movies involve gratuitous scenes of people jumping or being thrown through conveniently-placed panes of glass has already been parodied countless times, but leave it to the supercut to compile as many examples as a person could find. I think a good half the criteria for being a stunt man in the 80s was whether you could spaz out like you’d be shot and dive through a window. Yes, it’s a cliché, but like many clichés, it exists because it’s watchable as hell. I was transfixed for every second of this. I especially like the Hong Kong action movie scenes where stuntment are clearly crashing downwards through non-safety glass. “S’okay, s’okay. Stuntman dime for dozen.”

[this guy via ClipNation]

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