Susan Sarandon And Geena Davis Reunited For A ‘Thelma & Louise’ Selfie

Kids these days think that they invented the selfie, but little did they know that 23 years ago, two of the hottest women in show business were an Instagram account away from having one of the most liked selfies of all-time. Thelma & Louise stars Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis met up yesterday to remind every man out there that they could still take us on a wild ride and teach us a thing or two about keeping our hands to ourselves, as Sarandon shared an updated version of their movie selfie on her Facebook page. While I don’t know if she used a giant Polaroid camera to take this one, I’ll just assume that they did, because kids today should know what Polaroid is.

Now if we could just get Brad Pitt to recreate the hair dryer scene, AM I RIGHT, LADIES? *hops in a SMART car, drives over a cliff*