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10.16.07 8 Comments

(That’s Quentin, explaining what Top Gun is really about in Rogery Avery’s Sleep With Me – thanks to Simon with the assist)

Josh Brolin said recently that when he wanted to audition for No Country for Old Men, he got Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez, whom he was working with on Grindhouse at the time, to shoot his audition tape. 

What ended up happening is that me, Robert and Quentin created an audition tape on a Genesis camera. Basically, we had the best-looking audition tape in the history of audition tapes, but the Coen brothers saw it and they didn’t like it so they said no.

Bummer.  But then later, Brolin says, "I met them in a very frustrated moment of not being able to find a guy for the part. It was the last meeting they were taking before they were going to hire a particular actor. After that meeting I got the part."  One can only assume the "particular actor" was Nic Cage? 

It kind of reminds me of how I met my girlfriend.  She was very frustrated about not being able to get a greencard, but then she met me.  Now she lives in my basement and I’m wearing this beautiful sweater.  Love is a battlefield, my friends.  <3   (No Country opens November 21st)

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