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03.20.09 28 Comments

Is that Forrest Whitaker?

Because Jeffrey Katzenberg is Bank of America’s former Vice Chairman and CFO, somehow the bailout money is going towards paying people to see Monsters vs. Aliens.

It took respected media analyst Rich Greenfield of Pali Research to uncover this staggering scheme (registration required). He found out that Bank of America [who received $45 billion in bailout money] was helping families to see Monsters vs Aliens in 3-D rather than 2-D at no additional cost when it starts playing in theaters on Friday, March 27th. (The promotion is here.)

Greenfield found a .pdf for next weekend’s Bank of America offer which says it is limited to its customers (credit card, banking, etc). But he also discovered that the online system allows anybody to participate as long as they have an e-mail address. Consumers can receive up to 4 certificates per e-mail address to upgrade from 2-D to 3-D via the online registration form. However, Imax and AMC theaters are excluded from the promo. [NikkiFinke]

I’m not going to pretend I’m an economist or understand any of this.  I don’t understand why we give the banks money to cover all their defaulted mortgages and then still make people keeping paying off those mortgages.  The money ends up in the same place anyway.  Sure, people probably don’t deserve it, but at this point, deserve’s got nothing to do with it. The short version of this story is, Bank of America got bailout money.  Now Bank of America is doing a lame, wasteful promotion for a 3-D movie, when 3-D movies are a lame waste of money in the first place.  We’re basically giving big, failing business a bunch of money and then getting mad when they throw their money away in stupid ways like they’ve always done.  GRR, LET’S ALL TAKE TO THE STREETS IN AN ANGRY MOB!  You know, either that or keep sitting here on the floor eating Handi-Snaks.

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