Taylor Lautner joining Grown Ups 2 is great news for cinemaphiles

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04.05.12 12 Comments

Twilight‘s Taylor Lautner is set to join the cast of Adam Sandler’s upcoming sequel Grown Ups 2, reports the Hollywood Reporter. The entire cast is expected to return, as well as visionary director Dennis Dugan, who previously helped Sandler create such classics as Jack and Jill, Just Go With It, I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry, and Benchwarmers. With the whole crew coming back, there’s no reason to think the sequel couldn’t be just as groundbreaking and innovative as the original.

Lautner, who rose to fame as the teen wolf Jacob in the Twilight films, will make an appearance in a “fun” role, in which he goes toe-to-toe with Sandler, according to sources.

Grown Ups told the story of a group of childhood friends who reunite as adults after their high school basketball coach dies. The movie grossed $162 million domestically and $271 million worldwide.

As a cinema fan, there’s nothing better than seeing two masters at the top of their games come together to create something truly magical. Pacino/DeNiro. Hackman/Eastwood. Christian Bale/Michael Caine. And now, Lautner/Sandler. The real winner here? The fans.

(The loser? That dude who kinda knew Sandler in high school who thought this might finally be his shot.)


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