Taylor Lautner To Enter The ‘Dangerous World Of Parkour’ In ‘Tracers’

Life after Twilight hasn’t been exactly a huge success for Taylor Lautner, as his first non-werewolf role was a big, ol’ bomb at the domestic box office. The “thriller” Abduction had a budget of about $35 million but only made $28 million in the U.S., but since foreign kids have bad taste on a broader scale, the film ended up making $82 million. That and a relationship based on heaping piles of crying teenager allowances are all Twilight producers Marty Bowen and Wyck Godfrey needed to cast Lautner in their upcoming action/thriller, Tracers.

Deadline reported today that Lautner will be joined by third place winner in a Yasmine Bleeth lookalike contest, Marie Avgeropolous, but the real story here is the amazing, mind-blowing and, most of all, relevant plot that these two will deliver.

Canadian actress Marie Avgeropoulos (Cult) has signed on to entice Taylor Lautner into the dangerous world of parkour in Tracers, the 2014 action thriller from Twilight Saga producers Marty Bowen and Wyck Godfrey’s Temple Hill Entertainment. Avgeropoulos, who also stars on The CW‘s midseason series The 100, will play Nikki, a skater girl who runs with a gang of street criminals. She meets Lautner’s bike messenger Cam and pulls him into her world – and, naturally, into a love triangle with a member of her crew.

Parkour. Skater girl. Street gang. Bike messenger. You wanna take this one for me, Clooney?

Thanks, brah.