Teresa Palmer Is The New Lori Petty In The Point Break Remake

The original Point Break was released in 1991, during what I like to think of as the pre-Tank Girl years, when Lori Petty was hot enough commodity to play the love interest of Keanu Reeves, Pauly Shore, and Willy the Orca, respectively. She’s one of at least 10 things about Point Break you could never hope to recreate, but that’s not going to stop Alcon Entertainment from trying, and they’ve now cast Teresa Palmer in the Lori Petty role in their remake.

Teresa Palmer is in negotiations to join the cast of Alcon’s “Point Break” reboot.

Pic stars Edgar Ramirez, Luke Bracey and Ray Winstone with with Ericson Core directing. The film has been scheduled for release on Aug. 7, 2015.

The movie will retain the original story of an FBI agent infiltrating a ring of criminals but will be set in the world of extreme sports. Palmer will play Bracey’s love interest. [Variety]

I always say the best way to get people onboard with a seemingly blasphemous remake is to cast a bunch of actors no one has heard of in it. On the one hand, they’re pissing on a cult classic. But on the other… it’s got Becky from Sorcerer’s Apprentice! And it’s about an FBI agent “infiltrating the world of extreme sports.” This might as well be a Never Back Down remake at this point.

This trailer still gets me pumped up. “The correct term is ‘babes,’ sir.”