Terrence Howard is Gaye

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05.17.10 13 Comments

When he’s not bringing you important reminders about the importance of washing your hands or using baby wipes on your vagina, Terrence Howard is a pretty good actor.  In fact, I’ve heard it’s his favorite thing to do behind poetry slams and scatting.  And now rumor has it that he’ll be playing Marvin Gaye in a new biopic from Cameron Crowe.

The actor tells me he has been talking to Cameron Crowe about starring as soul singer Marvin Gaye. Crowe has been working for 3½ years on the Sony biopic. The director has gone back to the drawing board after Will Smith turned down the role. Mowtown [sic] founder Berry Gordy Jr. is supporting the project, which has secured rights to Gaye’s music.  “Nothing’s been signed on paper yet,” Howard tells me. “Everybody who loves music will hate me if I get this one wrong.”

Him being a close friend of FilmDrunk, I asked Terrence Howard if he could comment on the project further:

“Look, man, Terrence Howard didn’t sign no papers because Terrence Howard thinks papers are unclean, man, ya dig?  But papers are beside the point, baby, because wood products are a steam engine of irrelevancy.  Me and Cameron Crowe don’t need contracts, man. Our souls have a connection that transcends time, like two seagulls makin love on a pier. We make music.  We move glaciers.  We smoke grass and watch Elizabethtown four times and play drums for pigeons in the park, and we know that’s the truth, baby.  You know what I mean?  Contracts just bind us to what I call the illusions of perceptionality, man.  Because the truth is, we all of us connected: me, you, Marvin Gaye, seagulls, music, hubcaps, the ocean, wind farms, and Captain Crunch.  Me and Cameron Crowe gonna do what we do, and whether that’s the story of Marvin Gaye or a modern dance opera about spear fishing, you just gonna have to wait and see, baby.”

I tried to ask what he meant by that, but he just put his finger over his mouth and kept playing his djembe.

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