Terry Richardson wanted to photograph something beautiful

A while back we brought you the first pictures of Jared Leto playing an HIV-positive transvestite on the set of Dallas Buyer’s Club. After he ruined his kidneys gaining weight for that Mark David Chapman movie almost no one saw and the ones that did hated a few years back, I guess he figured he’d give this whole method acting thing another go. And now here he is posing for photographer to the stars.

Things required to do Terry Richardson’s job:

  • A camera
  • A klieg light
  • A prisony-looking rape wall
  • Largely inexplicable fame

Nothing against the guy, he’s obviously living the life, I just don’t get it. Did he get famous for other kinds of pictures before he started taking harshly-lit photographs of people standing in front of brick walls? I know I’m in front of a computer right now, but I refuse to look up this fact.






[TerryRichardson via Collider]