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12.08.09 37 Comments

Yesterday I told you about War Birds, the movie about ” an Air Force veteran-turned-reckless airshow re-enactment pilot who gets pulled into the underground culture of illegal, real-life aerial combat.”  Basically, The Fast and the Furious with plane fights.  Anyway, today they posted some test footage for the film on the official site, and if you guessed it was going to have a Linkin Park song in it, congratulations.  Go to the head of the class and pound a Jager bomb.

Besides the plane fights, there’s also some WWII-ish ground battle sequences, and I’m not sure what to take from that.  Like, are they really gonna try to sell us on a badass subculture of historical re-enactors?  “Check it out bros, I got this picture of a koi fish reading Mein Kampf incorporated into my sleeve tattoo.”  I also wouldn’t mind seeing an encounter between the WWII re-enactors and the society for creative anachronism at a bar.  Then maybe the Civil War guys could walk in and there’d be a big dance-fight number like West Side Story. I hear if you pretend stab any of the Ren-Faire guys in the leg, they have to hop around on one leg for the rest of the dance fight.

Anyway, either War Birds is going to be about re-enactors, or they didn’t really start with any plot ideas other than PLANE FIGHTS AND EXPLOSIONS AND RAP METAL! Could go either way, really.

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