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11.21.07 191 Comments

Everybody knows that Thanksgiving isn’t just about eating turkey to celebrate our founding fathers giving the indians smallpox and meeting your uncle’s new wife, there are new movies out! A round of gravy shots for everybody!

Opening tomorrow in wide release

Enchanted – Disney flick about a Cinderella landing in modern Manhattan.  Starring McDreamy and that fruitcake who played Cyclops.  I don’t plan on seeing it, but it looks like a good place to pick up chicks.  

The Mist – Frank Darabont directs a Steven King flick starring Thomas Jane.   They couldn’t even make it through the trailer without killing off the black guy this time.  The Mist?  More like The Missed! ZING! 

Hitman – Timothy Olyphant stars in a movie where the title really says it all.  Trailer looks interesting to me, and the poster has lots of sideboob.  However, early reviews have been… less than stellar.   

No Country for Old Men – Coens’ McCarthy adaptation finally gets a wide release.  Guy killing people with an air gun?  Yes, please. 

August Rush – (fart noise) 

This Christmas – I’m confused. A movie with an all-black cast and no Tyler Perry? What the hell’s going on here?  It’s from Screen Gems, so I’m assuming time travel or zombie vampires will somehow be involved. 

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