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01.18.10 30 Comments

As you may be aware, the 67th annual Golden Globe Awards took place last night. I was somewhat intoxicated, but I think my favorite moment was when Nate Kaeding won the award for sh*ttiest kicker.  Anyway, before I get to my Awards coverage, I thought I’d give you my coverage coverage by counting down the 10 dumbest things Access Hollywood host Billy Bush said on the red carpet last night.  I think it’s funny to put Billy Bush in quotes, because it makes it seem like the things he says are of consequence.  It’s like putting a baseball mitt on a dog.

10. [to drunk Julia Roberts] “Let me see that iPhone again.  I wanna see your kids!”

9. “Do you guys have a survival plan tonight?  There are puddles everywhere.”

8. “Look at you, Bradley Cooper, covered with an umbrella!”

7. [to Taylor Lautner] “You are on fire, right, Tay Tay?”  [technically, this one was Billy’s co-host, Whatsherface, but I thought it warranted inclusion]

6. “Jesse! I got a snuggie for you!”

5. “And here’s Mickey Rourke with his date, and I know I can’t pronounce your name… Are you guys engaged?  …So not quite an engagement, but… dating.”

4. “Standing right here with a hunk of a man, Gerard Butler.”

3. “Did Jennifer Aniston have a hard time keeping her hands off you while making the movie?  You’re very handsome.”

2. “Jeff Bridges, you’re here for Crazy Heart Crazy Heart, crazy night…”

1. “I’m here with Sir Paul McCartney — Paul, nominated for the film Everybody’s Fine, and… everybody was fine.”

What can I say, I love it when he plays word association games.  My only regret is that I didn’t get to see him make a dumb crack about Michael C. Hall’s hat*.


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