The 7 best quotes from Tom Green’s Juggalo Gathering film

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08.16.10 29 Comments

I’m gonna go ahead and refer to Tom Green’s video from the Gathering of the Juggalos as a “short film” so that I can share it with you people, because it deserves to be shared. The Juggalo is every bit as strange and fascinating as you would imagine.  I actually planned on going to this and covering it this year, but I was afraid I’d misquote a Shaggy 2 Dope lyric and someone would point at me and screech like Invasion of the Body Snatchers, and next thing you know I’d be being bludgeoned to death with rocks and feces like Tila Tequila (okay, so she’s not dead, but who really cares).  Luckily, Tom Green has the power of being a minor celebrity and is able to give us a little access. It’s pretty much everything you’d imagine.  There are more braids and dreadlocks per capita than a rastafarian barbershop convention, and all of the owners are white.  But anyway, on to my favorite quotes:

What am I doin?  F*ckin kickin it with the fam, f*ckin trippin balls.  Enjoyin’ the huge-ass bonfire.

You wanna jello shot?

I’m f*ckin fuuuuuugged up like a mother f*cker.  Who has the alcohol?

My cousin’s in prison this year, she couldn’t make it.  ‘Mama Gypsy.’  Woot woot!

Mama Gypsy’s in prison this year, everybody, she couldn’t bring no space cakes, show her some love, look her up, she’s in Ohio, OCRD, look her up.

Eh, you wanna smoke this rainbow?

Motherf*ckin Butane the Clown, from Tucson motherf*ckin’ Arizona!  Straight the f*ck up!  Butane the Clown!  Dark Lotus, woo woo!

[This isn’t a quote, but Gallagher is there.]

Butane the Clown done represented like a motherf*cker, motherf*cker.  So suck on that, h8r bitches.

TOM-GREEN-JUGGALO-GATHERING1 Tom-Green-Juggalo-Gathering2 Tom-Green-Juggalo3

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