The Adult Film Minute: Host Boys And Why You Should #PayForYourPorn

Once per month, Dr. Chauntelle Tibbals will be telling us a little bit about what’s going on in adult entertainment and why it should matter to you.

Regardless of the business, friendly (“friendly”) contests between intra-industry folks who do similar things are pretty commonplace. And in the adult business, trade publications AVN and XBIZ regularly engage one of the most well-known, ongoing competitions.

AVN (Adult Video News) covers adult business plus community/political news, whereas XBIZ is more strict B2B (business-to-business). And though I don’t personally see an excess of overlap in their work, these two are pit against one another quite regularly. Oftentimes, they even do it to themselves. Case in point…

Both AVN and XBIZ hold a yearly awards show, events that are each respective big deals. Consequently, being chosen as either event’s annual host is also a big deal. AVN announced the hosts of their 2015 awards event last month – Alexis Texas (pictured) and Tommy Pistol. Savvy readers might immediately notice the rare inclusion of a guy, as it’s been over twenty years since any kinda dude hosted the “Oscars of Porn.” And in my opinion, excellent actor/super funny super ham Tommy Pistol is a great choice (as is Alexis). Then, on June 9, in a move that showcased both their markedly different trade approaches and the not-so-subtle tit for tat that occurs regularly, XBIZ announced boy-next-door sex juggernaut James Deen will host their 2015 awards program.


I find these host-casting decisions interesting on multiple levels. First and foremost, I hope these choices have something to do with recognizing the appeal men performers also hold, both for members of the adult community and for consumers. Desire comes in many forms, and many people – including women – desire themselves some Tommy or James, etc. Women performers have long since been held up as *the* porno draw; however, though I feel they’ve always been there, women fans of men performers have been getting way more visible lately. Perhaps these casting decisions have something to do with recognizing that?

But I also wonder about the actual host choices themselves. Whereas AVN’s selections seem fairly transparent, XBIZ’s decision to go with the uber-popular yet notoriously anxious about public speaking James Deen seems… interesting. Maybe this is an(other) effort to break out of the total B2B mode with enhanced crossover appeal? Regardless, both shows promise to be very interesting.

And speaking of interesting, let’s talk about the #PayForYourPorn campaign!

Even though news entities and “experts” continue to cite that ridiculous $12 billion industry “statistic,” that ship has long since sailed (if it was ever even a reality). Just ask the adult companies that have closed in recent years and/or the performers who have left the industry due to lack of work. Oh wait…