The Alternate Iron Man 2 Opening Scene

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09.24.10 16 Comments

Just in case this video gets pulled like my wiener before you have a chance to see it, this is the alternate opening scene to Iron Man 2.  It starts with Tony Stark puking in the toilet of what turns out to be his cargo plane, followed by playful banter with Pepper Potts, who’s trying to coach him through his hangover (try this Egyptian-lavender scented alka-seltzer, just $69.99 on  It ends with the bit you saw in the trailer, where Gwyneth Paltrow kisses his helmet (hee hee!) and he jumps out of the plane after it. This part ended up getting cut, and the actual film begins a few seconds later, with Tony Stark landing on stage at the Stark Expo.

Director Jon Favreau has said that the sequence was removed because he wanted to give Robert Downey Jr a big entrance, and the reveal of Stark on stage after landing worked better without the opening bit of comedy. [/Film via GammaSquad]

I like the alternate version better.  With the excess of characters that didn’t do that much, the rushed feel, and the lack of significant conflict, Iron Man 2 at times felt more than just a little Entourage-y, and opening with him onstage as the world’s biggest celebrity (as opposed to a hungover smartass) only plays more into that.  Oh my God, bro, don’t you want to be just like Tony Stark, or one of the talentless jackasses that hangs out by his pool?  He’s like the coolest guy ever, please turn this into a GQ article about grooming tips.

"Good, now mind the stepchildren..."

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