The Amazing Spider-Man Has A New Trailer

Senior Writer
02.07.12 29 Comments

Sony Pictures is currently in the middle of a worldwide orgy of webs and flash bulbs, as a new trailer and teasers for The Amazing Spider-Man were debuted at events in major cities all around the world. I’m going to assume that my invite was lost in the mail, but other more fortunate people were able to see the debut of a brand new 3D trailer that will be showing before the new 3D version of Star Wars: Episode 1 this weekend.

The 3D trailer won’t be available online until Wednesday, so take off those 3D glasses before someone points out how stupid you look. In the meantime, a 2D trailer was released in the wee hours of the morning and it reveals a lot more about the film, like how scary the Lizard looks and whether or not Denis Leary can tackle playing a New York City cop after years of playing a fireman. That guy’s got some serious range.

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