The Amazing ‘We Can Dance’ Supercut Trilogy Is Finally Complete

A trilogy usually means one of several things: 1) It’s a guaranteed blockbuster franchise that needs to be drawn out for the sake of telling an entire story; 2) It’s a guaranteed blockbuster franchise that doesn’t have much of a story, but it needs to be told in three parts so it can make as much money as possible; or 3) In the rarest of cases, the story is a masterpiece that is beloved by all and celebrated across the world, potentially even inspiring world peace. Okay, maybe that third one is an exaggeration, but when it comes to the movie supercuts of our friend Robert Jones, they should be the most popular videos on YouTube.

Jones’s latest is the third installment of his delightful “We Can Dance” series that celebrates our favorite cinema dance moments. Hell, if anything it lets me listen to “The Safety Dance” every now and then, which is important to my happiness. The best part about these videos, though, is that I never fail to sit there thinking, “Okay, where’s C-Tates?” and then BAM! Channing Tatum all up in tha bizzna$$$ty.