The Avengers Deleted Scene: The Hulk Gets Deep

Courtesy of Entertainment Weekly, a deleted scene from The Avengers has just hit the web. The Avengers hits DVD September 25th, and in the scene, starring Mark “Disheveled Penis” Ruffalo and veteran character actor Harry Dean Stanton, the security guard played by Stanton – his job is to guard empty warehouses, but his passion is to give strangely-insightful advice to random strangers – asks The Hulk/Bruce Banner, “So which one is it? Are you a big guy who gets all little, or are you a little guy who sometimes blows up a lot?”

Whoa. That’s deep, brah. (*huge bong load*) So what you’re saying is… maybe the thing I’ve been running from… has been inside me all along? (*cough, cough*) Dust in the wind, dude, dust in the wind.

[hat tip: LatinoReview]