The Bellas Are Back In The First Poster For ‘Pitch Perfect 2’

That is some top notch movie poster play-on-words right there, friends. In case you don’t get it, they’re saying, “We’re back pitches,” just like someone might say, “We’re back, bitches.” In this case, the cast of Pitch Perfect 2 is essentially saying, “We’re back,” but they’re opting to use “pitches” instead of “bitches,” because at the end of the day, this is still a family affair. But that’s a hell of a movie poster joke. Even more specifically, we’re looking at their backs, so it’s almost like a three-layer movie poster joke. That’s next level marketing.

Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson have returned to reprise their roles as the girl we all love and Patricia, respectively, while Kay Cannon wrote the screenplay. The only significant change had Elizabeth Banks take over as director, and that’s certainly not a bad thing. Oh, and Katey Sagal will be there, too. Hopefully not murdering everyone.