The Best Billboard of All.

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10.21.10 2 Comments

This billboard wins the billboard contest.  |via Buzzfeed|


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  • Scientist create a robot that flies a jetpack. Science is like Jackass for smart people. |GammaSquad|
  • Gary Busey is the best Celebrity Apprentice contestant ever. Duh. I’d watch the Gary Busey CHANNEL. (Muted during commercials). |WarmingGlow|
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  • A flow chart to determine which party you will vote for in the next election. |HolyTaco|
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  • Sneakers That Add to a Player’s Vertical Leap Banned By the NBA |HoopDoctors|
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  • Last chance to listen to last week’s Frotcast with Black Dynamite director Scott Sanders before I post this week’s. |Frotcast|
  • (Gollum Facebook via Lamebook)

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