The best whale-dancing-to-mariachi-music video you will ever see (and Morning Links)

This beluga whale being serenaded by mariachi music is both bizarre and delightful. I don’t think I’ve ever been so not annoyed by mariachi music and sober at the same time. Your move, salsa dog. |ThedailyWhat|

17 Fascinating Facts About Jack Kirby, King of Comics |Gamma Squad|

Jersey Shore’s Italian House: A Vegas Bordello Version of Italy|Warming Glow|

Lithuanian Capital City Mayor Is the Honey Badger of Mayors |UPROXX|

Matt Ufford attended the Cross Fit Games and took pictures of all the muscly dudes there. |WithLeather|

[pic via GoodbyeForeverFatty]

Lindsay is worried about Sam Ronson’s drinking. Meanwhile, Ronson is more worried about what Lindsay’s not eating. ZING! |TheSuperficial|

This mariachi band serenading a beluga whale warmed my heart in ways I can’t explain.

Jake Gyllenhaal is bald and finger gesturing. |Videogum|

Ever wondered what “100% juice” actually means? |MentalFloss|

Cynthia Escobar’s bikini is waaay too small for her. |GorillaMask|

Here’s a helpful guide to hiding your beer in a McDonald’s cup. |DAPS|

25 of the most badass cosplayers ever. |HolyTaco|

Jeff Bridges, John Goodman, Steve Buscemi, and Julianne Moore to Reunite for this Year’s Lebowski Fest |FARK|

UGO’s Eastbound & Down Blu-Ray Giveaway |UGO|

Princeton Review releases list of Top 10 Party Schools. Shockingly, both my alma maters, UCSD and Columbia, got snubbed again. |Buzzfeed|

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