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09.20.10 21 Comments

“Comedian” Daniel Songer is one of the few human beings alive that can lay claim to the description “hilariously unfunny.”  I feel like this may be the finest performance ever given to an invisible audience in a public park. By the way, I’m totally adding “the jack me up” dance to my repertoire.  (thanks to Fellows for the tip) “So I’m out, riding my bike, and this guy comes up to me on a bike…”  Best. Setup. Ever.**


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  • Alison Brie in a sexy magazine shoot.  MAKE HER LOOK MORE LIKE ANNIE, DAMN YOU! |WarmingGlow|
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  • The 5 Greatest Bank Heist Masks In Hollywood History. |Clutch|
  • Queen Songs We Need In Sacha Baron Cohen’s Freddie Mercury Movie. |UGO|
  • The concept of hipster animals is pretty effed out, and yet I can’t resist dogs in sunglasses.  |Buzzfeed|
  • Five Celebrities that are Inexplicably Famous. You only named five? |UnrealityMag|
  • Dumb wigger kid accidentally shoots dad’s AK inside the house.  Fake? |GorillaMask|
  • 25 comically oversized boobs. |HolyTaco|
  • I didn’t get to see Easy A this weekend, but this guy did. |ScreenJunkies|

**MINI UPDATE: Turns out Videogum dug up this interview with the man from a while back. (*does Jack Me Up dance*)

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