The ‘CBGB’ Trailer Makes Punk Rock Look Adorable And Harmless

The new trailer for CBGB, the story of the iconic New York City punk rock venue, is pretty overwhelming, because there’s so much happening in just 2 minutes of footage. First of all, you’ve got Alan Rickman and Rupert Grint, so all of the Harry Potter fans are going bonkers over that, and then there’s the other little issue of a bunch of young actors portraying everyone from the Ramones to Talking Heads, including Joel David Moore as Joey Ramone and Malin Akerman as Debbie Harry (SWOON).

Peel a few more layers back and you’ve got Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins playing Iggy Pop, Justin Bartha playing punk legend Stiv Bators and the always lovable Donal Logue doing his thing. Of course, we’re also all very excited to see friend of UPROXX Ryan Hurst and that badass beard back from Opie’s grave.

And throwing Ashley Greene in there never hurts anything.

Also, the director of CBGB is Randall Miller, who brought us the 1992 comedy and FilmDrunkard favorite… Class Act. DAMITA! I THOUGHT YOU WERE GONNA PLAY WITH MY FROG!