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The Cove is a documentary about the attempts of activists to document the brutal dolphin hunt at Taiji, Wakayama, Japan, and the selling of dolphin meat passed off as whale. (Gotta love Japan. “They’d never buy it if they knew it was panda meat, so I told them it was unicorn.”).  Naturally, to promote the film, the company behind The Cove made this series of comedy videos featuring a guy in a dolphin suit.  He raps, does stand up comedy, fights crime, poses for a sexy photo shoot, and plays beer pong.  It’s kind of funny, and possibly the strangest promotion ever.  It’s like one of those bad PSA segues from the 80s. “I hope you enjoyed the magic show, folks, but now I’m going to take a few seconds to talk to you about child rape, which is no laughing matter.”

Trailer for The Cove

“Dolphins are gangsta”

“Dolphins are badass”

“Dolphins are sexy”

“Dolphins are cool”

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