The Crow remake guy directed a generic Clive Owen movie

This is the trailer for Intruders, starring Clive Owen and Daniel Bruhl, which premieres at the Toronto Film Festival next month (you may remember the butt-ugly lava poster). It was directed by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo (which I believe is Spanish for “tiny armadillo from Fresno”), who, incidentally, is the same guy who’s currently set to direct the remake of The Crow that might star C-Tates. Here’s the rundown:

Juan and Mia, two children who live in different countries, are visited every night by a faceless intruder – a terrifying being that wants to get hold of them. These presence becomes more powerful and start ruling their lives as well as their families’. Anxiety and tension increase when their parents also witness these apparitions. [ThePlaylist]

So the intruder breaks into Clive Owen’s house one night and Clive Owen fights with him while surveillance cameras roll (awww yeah, someone’s seen Paranormal Activity). Only, when they watch the tapes later, the intruder isn’t there! He cannot be captured on camera. Maybe it’s Banksy? Anyway, this looks sh*tty.